Hey! I'm Tadas.

I'm a digital marketer, entrepreneur, and software engineer. I build and use software and automation to help improve business outcomes.

I started my career as a software engineer, but my stints as a founder led me into exploring the world of digital marketing. Today, I take pleasure in helping companies who've built amazing products grow their audiences and customers. Outside of work, I'm obsessively curious about the world more broadly. Find me traveling, reading, and learning from people I admire: sometimes all at the same time.

What I Believe

I can always do better 1Give without expectation of return 2None of us really has it figured out 3Incentives are a super power 4It's hard to do good by doing well 5

What I'm Doing

SEO Consulting

I consult, advise, and invest in early stage startups with outsize opportunity for SEO-driven growth.


I'm building out a one-person side project that helps intermediate to advanced non-native English speakers write perfect English.


I love people and can talk for days about tech, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Let's connect!


Books about society, personal development, economics, psychology, business, and technology.


Podcasts about marketing, startups, software, and psychology. Always eager to discuss a thought-provoking episode.